On myself

I'm Oscar Ekholm Grahn, a human being born, raised and living in the small (yet big by Swedish standards) city of Uppsala, Sweden.

If you'd ask me to define myself, I'd tell you I try not to apply too many labels on myself, because of an inherent feeling of never wanting to be defined as a single "something".

However, there are a few hints in how I've lived my life: I made my first website—an image with some text on it that I wrapped in HTML tags—when I was twelve years old, and started making a career out of it when I was sixteen.

I picked up my first point-and-shoot camera sometime during my childhood, and I remember shooting my first digital images—of mountains and my friends in Jämtland, Sweden—on a compact camera during a hiking trip in my very early teens.

I started learning a fourth language by the age of twelve and I first picked up a guitar about two years after that.

There's more too, but you get the point and the pattern by now, I'd think. I think, if I'd have to use one, single label for myself, I'd use the term "serial hobbyist". I've dabbled with a whole lot of things, and this has had a large part in forming who I am and what I do.

Ask me anything about [web development, visual design, copywriting, photography, videography, music production, writing, baking, powerlifting, language learning, interior design, beer, acting extrovert when being an introvert, growing plants, cooking, eating, dieting, stoicism, environmental ethics, the meat industry, electrical vehicles, and more] and I will have something to discuss with you. I won't by any means be an expert on any one of these things, but that's simply who I am. 🌞