Hej! 👋

This used to be my personal site. I'm notoriously restless though so it didn't stay that way. You might have visited this webpage at some point the last few years. Most likely you haven't.
I used this as a space to present myself and my various projects. Since slowly retiring from the web development industry, in favor of psychology, a site called "ekholm.dev" doesn't make as much sense as before. I also started 🐦‍⬛ Blackbird Productions back in 2021 for my business endeavours in marketing and IT, and I intend to keep that isolated from my person.

Therefore, this website will at some point in the somewhat near future probably redirect to Blackbird Productions instead. In case you'd be interested in my coming ventures into psychology and my creative work, visit ekholm.id, my soon to be NEW personal space on the internet.

Thanks for reading, if you did. If not, thanks for visiting. If you didn't visit, thanks for sharing the universe with me. Cheers. 🐦‍🔥

Industrial buildings and sky